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Asset GPS Tracker

Model NO. LT-166

LT-166 is a long stand-by Container GPS Tracker with design patent, built-in GPS/GSM antennas. It’s widely used in container land transportation, Maritime property preservation, tracking and allocation market.

Multi-positioning Modes

Supports LBS and GPS, the location mode can be modified remotely.


IP67 Waterproof

The enclosure is designed for a hidden installation of the container air vent, waterproof IP67, 3-proof grade. It takes only 1 minute to finish the installation.

Standby 1400+days

For 1400+ days with 1 message per day, no need to change the battery frequently.

Temperature & Humidity

Monitoring the environment temperature and the temperature/humidity in the container.


Remote Configuration

Remote configuring the parameters by GPRS, the parameters includes location method, reporting time interval and the threshold value of the alarms.

Tilt Alarm

when detect the Ailt event , will send an alarm to the server.

Completed Devices Shell Solid ABS Plastic Shell Working Current < 400mA
Dimension 114 x 62 x 34 mm Standby Current < 10uA
Weight ~ 260g Working Temperature - 35℃ ~ +85℃
Positioning Mode GPS/LBS Water/Dust Proof IP67
GPS Accuracy 3 ~ 5 meters (Open Sky) Telecom Communication GSM
Power Supply Supply Mode Lithium Battery Battery Capacity ≧4000mAh

Yes, Once the device is fully active you can switch it between vehicles as you desire.
Yes the OBD unit can be installed in less then 30 seconds.
The devices use the cellular networks to transmit data back to our servers. All the location are obtained using a minimum of 4 satellites . This unit is currently only offered on the AT&T network.
By default the devices do not make any noise. All devices have dim LEDs. You can cover them if needed and it will not impact service.
Every passenger vehicle manufactured since 1996 has an OBD port. Heavy duty trucks manufactured after 2000 are compatible and will have one of two ports. 6 pin J1708 or 9 pin J1962. You will need an adapter or the HD Y cable.

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